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Share Your Adventures with exciting new tools from Garmin

28 February 2013 @ 5:22 AM  / Outdoor /

Our fēnix outdoor watch allows you to go hands free while still having access to Garmin’s precise and accurate navigation and trip information right on your wrist. fēnix is popular with mountain climbers, trail runners and hikers alike - as shown in our latest video series.

In an effort to constantly improve the experience fēnix can provide, there is an update for the BaseCamp Mobile app. This app lets you supplement your Garmin fēnix outdoor watch or Oregon 600 series handheld with the power of your smartphone. For instance, the app allows you to view data from the fēnix on a more detailed map on the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. You can easily manage and share the waypoints, routes and tracks you’ve logged on your trail-hardened device. Simply sync your fēnix or Oregon with your iPhone to download your data using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. The app can show your journey overlaid on satellite imagery so you can get the bird’s eye view of your adventure. Plus you can view your ascent, descent, and total distance, as well as charts with your speed, heart rate, cadence and temperature displayed over time. 060412_ROD_9103

Share Your Adventures

The update for the BaseCamp Mobile app we released today makes it easier to share your adventures with friends and family by adding cloud support. When you’re logged in to your myGarmin account through BaseCamp Mobile, you can upload data from your device to your cloud account, such as waypoints, routes and tracks, The next time you launch the app on your phone, or pull up the full version of BaseCamp on your PC or Mac, this data will automatically appear in your collection – there’s no need to connect your device directly to your computer. You can then organize this data into a Garmin Adventure using the full version of BaseCamp on your computer. Easily add pictures, videos, and notes then publish your adventure to brag to your buddies about your travels or let fellow explorers follow in your footsteps.

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