See CNBC's feature on Garmin

Building_2_crop Maybe you were watching "Wheel of Fortune" or "Seinfeld" and just missed it. Don't worry, here's your link to CNBC's feature on Garmin for "On The Money." Mike Hegedus provides a primer on GPS technology and Garmin's leading role in bringing that information to planes, boats and automobiles and helping runners, bikers, hunters and hikers. Mike even gets a plug in for Kansas City's famous barbecue. To watch, click here and launch "Garmin Finds Money Giving Directions" under "Mike On The Money."

We Have A Winner

Everyone knows that Super Bowl commercials undergo a tremendous amount of scrutiny -- from judges to regular Joe's who vote at the water cooler.  The Grab Your Garmin Super Bowl Contest entries didn't have the same national spotlight, but don't tell our judges that. Our panel of judges dissected the entries and deliberated for hours to pick a winner.  And according to the panel's sapient leader, Chet, it was a very close vote.  So, without any further delay, the winner is... Stacie McCoy from Wellsville:


Since the vote was so close, our astute panel of judges also picked a runner-up. Congrats to Kristy Gilbert of Tecumseh! If you watch both of the videos, you'll see why our judges had such a difficult time selecting a winner. Both of these videos are great!  Congrats to both Stacie and Kristy and thanks for entering!

GRMN Reports Record Fourth Quarter Revenues

Grmnlogo300_blog_1 Our 2006 numbers are in and it was another remarkable year. Our total year end revenue was $1.77 billion, up 73% from $1.03 billion in fiscal 2005. In 2006, we introduced over 70 products and sold 5.4 million units. See the complete fourth quarter earnings report here and listen to the conference call webcast here.

And The Winner Is....

Blog_dsc05167 Congratulations to "Esteban" for being the first to send us the lyrics to the Garmin music video. In this case, the third time definitely was a charm. Esteban's last comment has the correct lyrics. Esteban, your prize is in the mail!

If you missed entering our lyrics contest, never fear, we have an even better contest underway. We're giving away a nüvi 660. See the full rules here.

We're HUGE in Cookeville...

CookevilleAs you probably know, Super Bowl ads get dissected, analyzed, and scrutinized as much or more than the actual game.  There's plenty of opinion out there, but this article from the Cookeville, Tennessee Herald-Citizen gave us a chuckle.  It seems that Maposaurus has Cookeville -- and the rest of the Upper Cumberland -- tattooed prominently across our lil' buddy's head and shoulders.  As far as we know, there's no special reason for this area -- but we do hear it's lovely there this time of year.

Win a nüvi 660!

Garminman_04_blog We mentioned our win a nüvi 660 contest last week, and here are the nitty-gritty details.  It's very straightforward. Make a YouTube™ video spoofing our Super Bowl commercial or Super Bowl music video. The theme of your masterpiece should show your “Inner Garmin Man” or how you fight your personal “Driving Demons.”  Once your video is done, post it on YouTube and then fill out the entry form. The contest ends on March 1, so grab your camera and start filming!

Survey Says...

Screenshot_image002 What’s the talk around your water cooler? YouTube wants to know and they’re giving you a chance to give Super Bowl commercials a thumbs up or thumbs down. Vote here.

Win Garmin Man's nüvi 660

Garmin_man_and_chetLong before we launched our Super Bowl plans we realized that there's a little piece of Garmin Man and Maposaurus inside all of us.  We want you to have a chance to relax. Release the stress that's been building as you fight your own monsters. We want to see the strength of your "Inner Garmin Man." 

What?  Timeout.... Forget the shrink mumbo-jumbo. We're launching another contest. This one has a HUGE prize. You could win a nüvi 660. Feel free to get a jumpstart on this contest over the weekend, but you'll need to come back on Monday for details on how to submit your video. 

The concept is pretty simple though... make a YouTube(TM) video spoofing our Super Bowl commercial or Super Bowl music video. Your YouTube video should illustrate your "Inner Garmin Man" or how you fight your personal "Driving Demons."  An expert panel, led by our pal Chet, will choose the winner (and nuvi 660 recipient) on March 1, 2007.

Visit the Garmin blog next week and we'll tell give you the details on how to submit your work of art.

(click on the jump to see full contest rules)

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Transform your Forerunner

Featurepegsposts_18While nüvi turns regular Joes and Janes into powerful, map-bustin’ superheroes, the new quick-release mounting kit transforms Forerunner into a dual-action training device. With this accessory, you can swap your Forerunner 205 or 305 from wrist mount to bike mount faster than a speeding bullet. Which comes in handy when you need to shave seconds off your transition time in a duathlon or triathlon. Follow the jump to find out how it works.

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Garmin Man: Behind the Mask

Life before our average Joe found Garmin and discovered his GPS powers was...well...undeniably dull.  It's hard to appreciate his metamorphosis without knowing him before he became Garmin Man, but we've done our best to give you a glimpse of his extreme makeover. And as he'll tell you, he still has a few secrets that won't be revealed until the Super Bowl.

Win Garmin Man's Magical Map-Busting Silver Bullet

ThermosThis item you see here to the left is a one-of-a-kind silver bullet used by Garmin Man to slay the dreaded Maposaurus.  It derives its power through a polymerized space age alloy of nuvite and...

Aw heck, folks, it's just a thermos.  But it is limited edition, and it does keep your favorite beverage hot or cold fairly well.  And it can be yours if you're the first to send us the lyrics to the music video.  Now get to work.

Big Hair Metal

By now you've seen our music video and watched in amazement as the lead singer has given an entirely new meaning to "Grab Your Garmin."  Here's a behind-the-scenes interview with Steve Grimmett....the guy you've been trying to imitate when singing "GPS power will save the day. Grab Your Garmin, blows maps awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"


Roger's Runway: Flying To The Super Bowl

Rogersrunway Tfr_image001 For pilots in Southern Florida, this weekend the airspace will be fun to navigate through.  The Super Bowl will have the mother of all Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) surrounding the city.  While most general aviation pilots will not be allowed near Dolphin Stadium I can assure you that there will be aircraft flying in the TFR.  If you want to avoid having a USAF F-16 on the wing of your plane, better make sure you understand how TFR information works on Garmin units.  For the portable units that display TFR information, the TFR will show up in red.  If the TFR is not a pop-up TFR and planned ahead of time like a dignitary visit, then the TFR will first show up in yellow. Once the scheduled time for the TFR to become active arrives, then the TFR on the display will turn red.  For the GMX 200, a TFR is represented by a yellow ring when active.  On the G1000, temporary flight restrictions are shown all the time and will be represented with a red circle on the MFD and on the inset on the PFD.   The Garmin systems will not show all TFR’s that are active so make sure you do a final check with flight service to get the latest NOTAMS.

Chet's Corner: Superheroes' Roadsters


Ship0017 Mapo0033 I have to say that I am trying as hard as I can to seem enthusiastic today.  It seems I am being outdone by Garmin Man and Maposaurus.  They've been here for a week and they've got all kinds of cool stuff.  Not only do they get wallpapers and videos but they get to be in the Super Bowl commercial too!  I have been dealing with these things on a case-by-case basis and just when I thought it was all over, this happens.  They each get their own Custom Vehicle Icon.  One of the icon's is Garmin Man's spaceship.  The other one is Maposaurus's favorite mode of transportation.  He folds himself up into a paper airplane to get where he needs to go. 

I figure they owe me big time.  I'm expecting my very own Chet Sportscar or Motorcycle.  I think that's fair...don't you?

Maposaurus: Won't You Be My Neighbor?

L1070559_2Our little buddy Maposaurus might be a luddite when it comes to navigation, but like 34 million other beings on this planet, he's a 21st century MySpacer.  Click here to get an eyeful of the Swami of Origami in full digital MySpace glory. 

Garmin Man Wallpapers!

Garminman01_800x600 Maposaurus01_800x600

Get it while the getting's good...Garmin Man and Maposaurus desktop wallpaper. This is what you've been waiting for, right? Click the links below for various size images of the ones on the left. Enjoy!


Garmin Man Wallpaper

Maposaurus Wallpaper

Deep Thoughts with Maposaurus

Sure, all of us here at Garmin are really map haters.  But in all honesty, we don't hate Maposaurus.  In fact, over the past few weeks of working on our Super Bowl campaign, we've kinda grown fond of the little bugger.  That's why we put together this touching, heartwarming, behind-the-scenes look at Garmin's most reviled yet misunderstood villain.  Watch with us, won't you?  And don't hate the monster, hate the map.

Be Garmin Man's Friend

Myspace Garmin Man has been so busy saving the world that he hasn't spent much time on his personal life.  This unfortunate plight has put him in a time crunch. As soon as the Super Bowl commercial airs, everyone will want a piece of him because he is famous and no one will take the time to get to know the real Garmin Man. Being the proactive guy that he is, Garmin Man has decided to let the world get to know him before the commercial airs. Check out his MySpace page and sign up to be his friend, 

And to see a behind the scenes interview during the filming of the Super Bowl music video, watch his YouTube interview here.

Garmin Man Behind the Scenes

Even though the film schedule for our Super Bowl commercial was intense, we were able to capture a few moments alone with Garmin Man for a one-on-one interview. This behind the scenes footage will prove he's a regular Joe...with a cool suit.

Contests? We've Got Contests.

Dsc04965Congratulations to "Kelster," who correctly identified Garmin Man's car as a Ford Cortina, which was marketed in Great Britain from 1962 to 1982.  Some much-coveted Garmin schwag is on its way.

Now, for a new contest.  Be the first to send us the complete lyrics of our music video and we'll shoot some Garmin-branded trinkets your way.

Hot Off The Press: Grab Your Garmin Super Bowl News Here

Garminman5_blog The buzz has begun. Everyone is talking about Super Bowl commercials....and a few are even talking about the game. If you're interested in reading about Garmin's Super Bowl commercial and others, here are some article links: The New York Times, USA Today, Associated Press and The Kansas City StarAnd if you're just joining us and need to catch up, watch our Super Bowl music video here. More to come soon!

Garmin Man's GPS of Choice

Garminman_04Inquiring minds want to know, what's Garmin Man's favorite GPS? Since the blog team is pretty tight with Garmin Man, we can testify that he has used just about every Garmin product at one time or another. Our Super Bowl music video just happens to catch him using a nüvi 600-series.  Can you blame him?  After all, who needs the pseudo boost energy drinks give when you can have a nüvi 680 with real-time traffic info, fuel prices, weather reports and movie listings.  Now we’re talking…that’s a real edge. Don’t believe us? and Engadget’s nüvi 680 reviews explain it even better.   

Filming A Super Bowl Ad

Maposaurus01 Maposaurus02 Maposaurus03 Because Maposaurus is a gargantuan horrifying monster, we decided to protect the world by filming our commercial on a set. After all, had we filmed it on location we could have started a War of the Worlds-like panic and mass exodus. Not a good thing. Here are a few glimpses of the Maposaurus on set....BIG Maposaurus...itsy bitsy cars, highways and trees.

And for our second contest -- The first person to email us with the make and model of Garmin Man's car will be the proud owner of Garmin swag.  You'll probably need to watch our music video to find the answer.

Grab Your Garmin: We Have a Winner!

Steve_img_1112 We have a winner! Warren was the first to answer our trivia contest naming our lead singer's former bands. The schwag is in the mail, Warren.

Check back soon for our next Grab Your Garmin, Take on the World trivia question.

Grab Your Garmin, Take On the World

Shooting this 30-second Super Bowl spot was a huge amount of fun... so much fun in fact, we realized that we had FAR more good footage than we could use in 30 seconds.  So, being the high-tech hipsters that we are, we commissioned a music video.  Click on the graphic to view this epic piece of cinematography.

And here's the first of many contests:  the first commenter to tell us our musician's former band affiliations wins some cool Garmin schwag.

Are You Ready for Some Commercial?

Maposaurus Yes, that's right, the rumors are true -- lil' ol' Garmin is running a 30-second spot in the Super Bowl on February 4th.  And yes, you've come to the right place for updates, extras, and insights on the commercial.  Stay tuned to the blog for more fun today and every day leading up to the big game.

Click on the jump to read the official skinny.

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