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Garmin® announces cycling updates

13 April 2016 @ 6:00 AM  / Sports / Fitness Blog /

We’re excited to announce additional features for the Edge 510, 520, 810 and 1000 via software updates.

Edge 1000 – The Edge 1000 now features FTP and watts per kilogram tracking, VO2 max and recovery advisor metrics provided by Firstbeat, and ANT+ trainer support.

ANT+ Shifting – The Edge 520 and 1000 now integrate with ANT+ shifting, enabling the SRAM RED eTAP and Campagnolo EPS systems. Cyclists can view their current gear directly on their devices via a data field, their gear ratio (front gear/rear gear), and their electronic shifting system battery status.

TrainingPeaks iLevels – The Edge 520 and 1000 are now compatible with the new WKO4 individualized power levels (iLevels) by TrainingPeaks. Users can now update their iLevels directly from WKO4 by syncing through a USB connection. 

Download a free 14-day trial of WKO4 at To learn more on how to individualize your training using WKO4 iLevels join Timothy Cusick and Dr. Andrew Coggan in a live introductory webinar. Register for the U.S. webinar on May 4th or the U.K. webinar on May 5th.

Additional Varia Smart Lights Support – The Edge 510 and 810 now support Varia smart bike lights, which help create a safer riding environment by adjusting to time of day as well as bike speed.

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