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Austria's Kalbacher Trains for the World Run

14 April 2016 @ 9:25 AM  / Sports / Fitness Blog /

Since I am a long distance runner, I really like preparing for the Wings for Life World Run. It's all about how far you can make it. For my training I use the WFL selfie runner app, which is very helpful in many aspects. It shows your average pace and counts your kilometres/miles. It also simulates the race conditions by telling you when the catcher car starts and how far it is behind you. This way you feel like actually being chased by the car and that keeps you running and running. The app stops tracking right after the catcher car got you. On the app you can also overview your training history and your progress.


Vienna offers a variety of very nice streets to run on. One of my favourite routes leads along the river Danube, on the so called "Danube Island", which is 20 km long and the perfect place for running and cycling. According to the "Mercer - Quality Of Living Ranking", Vienna was voted as the most livable city in the world for the seventh time! The survey evaluates living conditions based on a location’s political, social and economic environment; educational opportunities; public safety; and public services, among other things. I am happy te be living in Vienna and since it is one of the cities the WFL World Run is taking place, I am sure every runner visiting that city for the race will enjoy their stay. 

Want more Wings for Life World Run? Learn more about WFL heremeet our US ambassador or download Connect IQ apps to help you train.  


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