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Jenny Fletcher - World Run Garmin Ambassador & Athlete

11 March 2016 @ 9:25 AM  /

Meet Jenny Fletcher! She is a professional triathlete who’s been a Garmin athlete since 2011. Fletcher will be our inside look into the World Run in the Santa Clarita, California location. Please enjoy her guest post on her relationship with Garmin and the Wings for Life World Run.



I met Garmin in the first year I turned pro in 2010 over at the Tour De France! I was riding with their group and got to see firsthand what Garmin was all about in the cycling world and knew that I wanted to be part of such a great company that supplies the best and most advanced technology in watches and bike computers. The technology gives an insane amount of detailed information through heart rate monitors and other variables that could change and improve my approach as an athlete involved in endurance sports. The products gave me an advanced understanding of how my body is functioning on a detailed level by the stats I receive back from Garmin. I signed on with Garmin in 2011 and am now in my 6th year as an ambassador and athlete. Representing this brand has been an amazing adventure and as I said earlier vital in my career as a professional athlete.

I heard about the Wings for Life World Run last year and thought it would be amazing to be a part of it. When I heard Garmin was involved, there was no doubt in my mind I would make an effort to participate this year and have an amazing adventure in the process. I love being a part of what Garmin is doing. I'll definitely be using my Forerunner 235! Can't get enough of the heart rate in the wrist. Every chance I get I'm always checking my HR! See you in Santa Clarita!!! 


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