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2016 Red Bull Air Race Season Opener in Abu Dhabi

2 March 2016 @ 2:55 PM  /


Ready for another season of heart pumping aerobatic flying? The ultimate motorsport in the sky is back in 2016. The Red Bull Air Race season opens once again in Abu Dhabi.

Starting March 11th this year’s airborne battle will begin over the beautiful blue waters of the Arabian Gulf. The following 7 races will happen across the globe. Pilots will attempt to complete each track in the fastest possible time with as few penalties as possible. Points are awarded at each race and the title is awarded to the pilot that secures the most total points after the last race of the season.


As the official action camera partner of the Air Race World Championship, VIRB XE will be used to capture compelling race footage from the cockpit with data overlays including speed, altitude, g-force and GPS location. VIRB’s high-definition videos with unique inset data will provide a complete experience of what it’s like to fly the series’ racetracks. See below for teaser video.

Remember you can watch all the live races here and don’t forget to share your pictures and stories with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using hashtag #HaveNoLimits.

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