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Garmin Pilot Adds Connectivity and Features on iOS Devices

25 February 2016 @ 4:00 PM  / Aviation Blog /

Garmin Pilot & GTX 345 Compatibility

Our latest Garmin Pilot release, iOS version 8.1, incorporates new product connectivity and features to make our popular aviation app even better! With expanded trip planning capabilities and features designed to improve cockpit situational awareness, Garmin pilot has never been a more valuable cockpit asset.

Garmin Pilot now has the ability to pair with the GTX 345, our latest all-in-one ADS-B transponder. When using a compatible device with the GTX 345, Garmin Pilot will display GPS position data, subscription free FIS-B weather, ADS-B equipped traffic, and back-up attitude information for Synthetic Vision and the Garmin panel view. It also displays the exclusive Garmin Pilot features, TargetTrend and TerminalTraffic.

 GarminPilot_iPad_Flight Profile View

A new Flight Profile View provides a vertical cross section display of airspaces, terrain, obstacles and weather for your planned route. By selecting a desired altitude, terrain is color-coded making it easy to determine if the planned altitude will clear terrain and obstacles for your route. It will also automatically display your entire route with white dashed vertical lines at waypoints in your flight plane. Simply pinch and zoom for a detailed view of your route and tap the airspace or weather map to display detailed information.

Added Airspace Altitude Labels display maximum and minimum altitudes on Garmin Pilot's dynamic maps, appearing just as they do on a sectional chart. These labels provide enhanced situational awareness and make it easier to identify limitations, especially in congested airspace. It's also easier than ever to determine your best cruising altitude with the new Altitude Selector Guide, making it simple to find those often evasive tailwinds. A minimum Flight Requirement Warning was added to indicate when weather conditions are below VFR or IFR minimums at departure and/or destination airports. A yellow warning triangle will appear on the Trip Planning icon on the main menu or at departure/destination airports on the Trip Planning form or Upcoming Trip.

 GarminPilot_iPad_Airspace Labels

New VFR charts for Scotland, Northern England, Northern Ireland, Southern England and Wales are now available for purchase, and for those who use X-Plane for position data, Garmin Pilot is now compatible with X-Plane 10 or higher. Finally, the Airport Widget has been enhanced to provide quick access to pertinent information including elevation, frequency, runway and non-standard traffic patterns. For additional information contact [email protected]

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