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Garmin Adds GNX Wind to its Sailing Instrument Lineup

21 January 2016 @ 6:00 AM  / Marine Blog /

Today Garmin announced the GNX Wind, a NMEA 2000 compatible marine instrument that provides sailors important wind and boat data needed to make confident decisions on the water. The GNX Wind can display two data fields along with a dedicated digital wind rose simultaneously, so sailors can quickly and easily see true and apparent wind data, steering guidance, boat speed and more. With wireless compatibility, the GNX Wind can also pair with compatible wireless devices including the new quatix 3 GPS marine smartwatch.

Featuring an anti-fog, glass-bonded backlit monochrome LCD display, the GNX Wind instrument is highly visible no matter the environment. Large, easy-to-read black digits are displayed on white background, and if a different backlight color is desired, the display can be tailored with multiple background colors, all of which match colors found on the GNX 20 marine instrument. With fully customizable user profiles, the GNX Wind screen layout can be configured to the user’s preferred settings. More than 15 configurations are available that feature important marine parameters such as wind, speed, and navigation.

Intuitive and easy to read, the GNX Wind provides spatial awareness with its dedicated wind rose that shows true and apparent wind simultaneously. The display has a dedicated location for each function, so data is easily interpreted. Boat speed is shown in the lower left; wind speed in the upper left; and the wind rose on the right. Thanks to the new Steer Pilot feature, the GNX Wind also helps users better determine how to steer in all situations based on information provided by connected sensors – users simply follow the needle.

The GNX Wind can be flush- or flat-mounted and boasts low power consumption, perfect for sailboats. Only .35 watts is consumed during the day with no backlight, and .4 watts is used at night when only a mid-level backlight is required. This allows for more time on the water without running the motor or generator for extended periods of time.

The GNX Wind is expected to be available in Q1 2016 with a suggested retail price of $499.99. It will also be included in a GNX Wired Sail Pack that will retail for $1599.99. For more information, visit

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