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Challenge Yourself to Beat Yesterday

17 November 2015 @ 11:34 AM  /

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It’s a motto, a mantra, a hashtag, a small daily reminder, a motivator, and a way of life.

No matter how you see it, the phrase “beat yesterday” is a simple challenge to people of all fitness and activity levels to better themselves each and every day. It is an encouragement to get moving, go faster and farther than the previous day to compete with no one other than yourself. 

To celebrate this challenge, we’ve found people who embody beat yesterday and made them ambassadors. The Garmin Fitness ambassadors are from all walks of life, have a passion for fitness and for improving the world around them by sharing their passion. Each week, we’ll share the story of one of our ambassadors so you can get to know them and follow along in their journey.

We've even developed a special site to help track on how we are beating yesterday. Each day we'll update with how many miles, steps, laps and more that Garmin Connect users completed the day before so you can see how much we accomplish together and how to encourage ourselves to all beat yesterday.

So how can you beat yesterday? Push yourself to be better than before by taking one more step, one more mile or one more lap. Track your data on any of Garmin’s activity trackers and watches, so you can strive to better your daily performance. Garmin Connect Mobile application easily keeps track of each day’s progress. Don’t forget to share your progress on social media and tag your posts with #BeatYesterday so we can follow along and help you on your journey.

Check back each week to get to know our ambassadors and to find new ways to #BeatYesterday.

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