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5 Tips For Having A Healthy Thanksgiving

25 November 2015 @ 9:55 AM  /

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Thanksgiving is a time of the year when we pause our busy lives to reflect on our gratitude, which is often shared with our family and friends over a nice meal. Although it can be an exciting day, for some, a day centered around eating can be stressful, especially when you’re conscious about daily exercise and calorie consumption. Robin Runner, Garmin Fitness ambassador, shares with us her advice on getting through the holidays without putting on extra pounds!

  1. Make sure you don't skip meals to save up calories heading into the big Thanksgiving meal itself. Too many people think that they should skip breakfast and/or lunch to reserve calories.  You will set yourself up to overeat right from the start if you use this strategy.
  2. As you place the food on your plate, take small portions of your favorites. Remember, you can always go back for more if you're still hungry. Start with eating the protein first as it fills you up. Then move through veggies with carbs (think of the bread basket) last. Hopefully by the time you're done eating the nutrient-dense food, you won't have room for the bread. Remember to chat with friends and family, eat at a leisurely pace, enjoy and be thankful - it is the reason for the holiday after all.
  3. The rule of thumb when it comes to choosing your food is looking for color. Colorful foods are usually more nutritionally packed, but it all boils down to how the dish was prepared. It's all preference but I stick with food that are closest to their original state.
  4. Once football is turned on it seems like everyone clicks over into sedentary mode, so get moving earlier in the day before eating. If you normally work out in the morning, stick to that routine.
  5. If you have multiple dinner parties to attend, eat much smaller portions so that you get to sample and enjoy the food that was lovingly prepared without overdoing it. A nice walk in-between is a great way to help burn some extra calories too.

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The holidays are a time to enjoy, kick back and relax, but the typical American gains 8-10 lbs from Thanksgiving through New Years. Keeping an eye on your steps and setting a goal each day will help keep you motivated to #BeatYesterday.

Robin wears her fenix 3 all day, everyday. She can see her estimated calorie burn, millage and steps all with a push of a button.  She enjoys logging some miles at the park with her family and dogs before the holiday festivities begin. She says her family consisting of of carnivores, vegans, and those who eat dairy and gluten free enjoy her sweet potato casserole. Find the recipe here!

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