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The Right Approach Leads to a Car-Winning Hole-in-One

9 September 2015 @ 9:46 AM  / Apple-Mac /


An ace or a hole-in-one is a golf term, which means the tee shot goes into the hole on the first stroke. Any golfer would be ecstatic if they made a hole-in-one shot, but avid golfer Tom Ganus was beyond thrilled when he learned the prize for hitting the ace was a new car!

Ganus decided to wear his new Approach S6 watch while playing at a charity golf event. “It was my second day using the S6 and I was using the basic yardage functions such as hazard locations, pin locations, shot distances and keeping my score,”Ganus said. “I changed clubs before I swung based on the watch info.”

Ganus has been playing golf for the past 40 years and had his eye on a Garmin golf watch. His wife secretly purchased and surprised him with the Approach S6. On the second day of using it, he made the shot of a lifetime.

“Hitting a hole in one with several of my friends present would have been awesome enough.  But, to win a new car at the same time was truly an unreal feeling,” said Ganus. “Everyone was truly excited for me and felt like they were a part of it.”

We can’t promise car winning hole-in-ones, but using the Approach S6 will give you the data to improve your game using built in features like SwingTempo, TempoTraining and SwingStrength. 

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