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It's All in the Details: Garmin fleet™ 670V Adds Video Functionality

13 August 2015 @ 7:55 AM  / Automotive Blog /

Garmin is proud to introduce its new fleet 670V, a navigator designed exclusively for fleet management telematics.The fleet 670V keeps all the core features promoted on the original Garmin fleet 670 and adds an important element to the mix:


The video input on the fleet 670V provides backup camera compatibility (camera not included) for added security. Once the backup camera is connected and the user puts their vehicle in reverse, a live camera feed populates on the fleet 670V display, allowing the driver to easily spot vehicles, pedestrians or other possible obstructions behind them. Fleet owners also have the option to minimize or maximize the size of the active video feed on the display of the fleet 670V.


The fleet 670V combines the strength of Garmin navigation and fleet management with navigation APIs and built-in fleet management apps that enhance the development of complete solutions. Adding the versatility  offered by Android™ to the mix allows fleet service providers to introduce customized applications specific to their target customer base using a proven mechanism to package third party or custom-developed applications. 

1This product is sold only through authorized Garmin fleet management partners. Contact one of our partners for details. Package contents may vary per version.   

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