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Hunt Colorado Legally and Efficiently With HuntView Maps

27 July 2015 @ 3:45 PM  / Maps Blog / Outdoor Blog /

Private Middle of Forest

Last fall, we introduced a line of HuntView maps designed specifically for Garmin handheld GPS devices. For years, Garmin handhelds have been a necessity in the packs of Western big game hunters. Now, you can hunt more efficiently than ever before by not only being able to see the terrain via BirdsEye Satellite Imagery and 1:24K TOPO mapping, but now being able to view land boundaries.

Dinosaur Private Land HuntView Birdseye Dinosaur Private HuntView Land Boundaries

When hunting public land, sometimes it’s just plain difficult to know exactly where you are. Landowners in Colorado aren’t required to post their land as private, so you really never actually know if you’re accidentally hunting on private land unless you tirelessly search a variety of different government websites to view the public/private land boundaries. Now you can avoid the hassle, as Garmin has combined all of that data and more for you in one microSD card.

Three Forks Private  BLM Three Forks  Routt Three Forks

Above is an area in Colorado with an astounding elk population. It’s easy to start stalking a bull and accidentally venture off of public land. In addition to land boundaries, HuntView will show you a variety of different land types such as BLM, National Parks, National Forest, State Parks, Army Corp., National Wildlife Refuges, Wildlife Management Areas and more.

Prepare for your next Colorado big game hunt now with HuntView maps, paired with any of our handheld GPS devices, such as the Montana 650t or GPSMAP 64st.

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