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Visit Garmin at the AOPA Homecoming Fly-In this Weekend!

5 June 2015 @ 8:00 AM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

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For many pilots, nothing compares to spending a Saturday at the airport, at a fly-in, or simply swapping flying stories with other pilots over breakfast. This weekend the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association – better known as AOPA, is hosting their annual Homecoming Fly-In at their headquarters this weekend. Frederick, Maryland (KFDK) will be the first to host hundreds of airplanes tomorrow and to show our support and mingle among aviation enthusiasts alike, Garmin will be there! 

For over 75 years, AOPA has represented pilots and aircraft owners in order to keep aviation safe, fun, and affordable. Without AOPA, general aviation wouldn’t be where it is today and pilots would not enjoy many of the freedoms brought on by flying. 

This weekend, Garmin is excited to celebrate along with AOPA at their Homecoming Fly-In in Frederick. We look forward to sharing flying stories and of course, showing off some of our new products. If you’re planning to fly or drive in, be sure to check out our ‘What’s New at Garmin?’ seminar at 1:30 PM on Stage 3!

See you in Frederick!

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