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The Fight to SOAR Project

12 May 2015 @ 2:30 PM  /


Garmin is a proud sponsor of The Fight to SOAR Project led by river preservationist Gabriel Gray. Gabriel isn’t the typical guy you’d run into on the street. He’s an outdoorsman, a survivalist, a firefighter, an EMT Medic, a USLA open water lifeguard, and quite possibly a pioneer in the sport of stand up paddle boarding.

Gabriel’s The Fight to SOAR project (Save Our American Rivers) is an examination of our Nations Rivers, lakes, and aquatic ecosystems as seen through the eyes of the outdoorsman. The overall objective of The Fight to SOAR project is to clean up and help spread awareness about the pollution in American rivers and to inspire others to respect the outdoors through practicing safe camping.

Recently Gabriel spent 7 days on the Buffalo National River and had quite the adventure.  He was contacted to help spread awareness of serious issues the river is facing and most importantly bring awareness to the mass amount of pollution produced by a large hog farm that has moved onto one of it’s major streams. The journey down the Buffalo National River started with perfect picturesque sunny days, but ended with a bang. Severe storms rolled over Gabriel, which brought high winds, heavy rain, cold temps, and even hail. 


Despite the harsh weather, Gabriel had a very successful trip and really got an in depth look at how we can all help preserve and protect the Buffalo National River system. To hear more about Gabriel and his SUP adventures, check out his website here. Come back in a couple of weeks for his VIRB adventure video. Be part of the journey and remember to share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and use hashtag #HaveNoLimits.

Photo Credit: Jackson Berger - @Jax.berger

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