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Garmin Adds 7" Combos with DownVü to echoMAP Series

6 May 2015 @ 8:26 AM  / Marine Blog /

EchoMap74dv_HR_7797.1 (2)

Today Garmin added two new models to its popular echoMAP 7-inch widescreen combo series - the echoMAP 74dv, preloaded with BlueChart g2 coastal charts, and the echoMAP 75dv that comes preloaded with Canada LakeVü HD mapping. Both devices use an all-in-one traditional HD-ID sonar and DownVü transducer that allows users to have both traditional and DownVü images on the screen.

Garmin DownVü scanning sonar gives you a nearly photographic image of what passes below your boat. You clearly see structure, submerged objects and fish. The 74dv and 75dv also provide HD-ID support for Minn Kota and MotorGuide trolling motors with integrated transducers, and all units in the echoMAP series feature an internal 5 Hz GPS that updates the position and heading five times per second. 

The echoMAP 74dv is now shipping and the echoMAP 75dv is expected to be available next month. 


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