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Garmin Connect Introduces Redesigned Workouts

30 March 2015 @ 1:55 PM  / Garmin Connect / Sports / Fitness Blog /

We’re excited to announce that we have redesigned the workout feature in Garmin Connect. The redesign is now available for users in the modern view of Garmin Connect. 

The redesign was implemented to improve usability and enhance the look and feel of the feature. You can create a bike, run or custom workout. Below is an example of a bike workout showcasing the new look:

Bike Workout Redesign

In addition to the new and improved look, you can now create a workout with 50 steps. Previously, only 20 steps were possible. That means there are no more excuses for cutting your custom workout short! 

After creating your workout, make sure to click save workout:

Save Workout Redesign

After you save the workout, it's time to send it to your device:Send to Device Workout Redesign

Now there’s only one thing left to do; get out there and prove you’re #UpForMore. Tag Garmin Fitness on social media and show us your custom workout. We want to see how you plan on training for your next big race!

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