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Bassmaster Classic Q&A with Jason Christie

20 February 2015 @ 1:55 PM  / Marine Blog /


Jason Christie with background copy[1]

As the competitive fishing season moves into its most prestigious tournament this week in the Bassmaster Classic at Lake Hartwell, we wanted to catch up with Jason Christie to see how he was preparing for the big event.  

Garmin: What will be the most difficult part about fishing on Lake Hartwell (Georgia/South Carolina) this time of the year?

Jason Christie: It looks like the most difficult part of this years Classic is going to be the weather. There are highs of mid 30s forecast for the next 10 days, mixed in with some high 40s. It makes it challenging to move around during practice and the Tournament. Lake Hartwell is a very big lake and that's awesome after you establish a couple patterns. It can be very intimidating at first because everything looks the same and fishy.

Garmin: What's your strategy for fishing the Classic this year?

Jason Christie: I'm just going to keep it simple and let the fish show me the way. That may sound crazy but the last couple Classics I have done extensive pre scouting and lots of planning.  I really think I have been a little confused when the tournament starts because I couldn't decide what I wanted to do.

I have some experience on Hartwell and I will use that after I establish some patterns. This year I deleted all my waypoints and on the first day of practice I'm literally going to treat the lake like I've never seen it before.

Garmin: How will your new Garmin electronics, including Panoptix, help you find the winning catch during the tournament?

Jason Christie: I am excited to be using my new Garmin units in the Classic, I really think that I will have an advantage with the LakeVu Map and Panoptix. The Mapping will show fine details that other competitors might miss. I believe that a guy will have to find new fish every day to win and Panoptix will give me the best eyes under water to do so.  

When I'm fishing an unfamiliar place, I will be able to pan around the boat and find structure, fish, trees, etc. before I even get the boat close to them. I will be able to make a precise cast to the fish without them even knowing I'm around. Garmin gives me an advantage, now I just have to make the right decisions.


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