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Garmin Navigation Comes to Mercedes-Benz E-Class Luxury Cars

24 February 2015 @ 1:55 PM  / Automotive Blog /


It looks like Garmin will continue to grow its partnership with Mercedes Benz, this time on their new E-Class luxury models.

Garmin’s automotive OEM department developed the state-of-the-art MAP PILOT navigation included in the E-Class infotainment system that is built into the vehicle. The system will appear in the 2015 model year for European vehicles, and in North America in 2016.

Drivers can operate the MAP PILOT by touch screen or voice control with the Integrated Speech Dialog System (SDS) and Text-to-Speech.

Garmin MAP PILOT also shows the three-dimensional display of terrain and landmarks in a clear and realistic fashion, which gives drivers an added level of situational awareness.. You can even input Points of Interest (POI) displayed by the navigation software.

The system also gives drivers positioning information for Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) of the vehicle to help in challenging situations. Route destinations can be downloaded online and followed as well. 

All the information stores GPS data on a SD card while boasting the expected look of any Garmin display or device.

Daimler AG, a German multinational automotive corporation, selected Garmin in 2013 as the navigation for several different Mercedes-Benz models. Garmin’s automotive OEM group utilizes the company’s long-standing experience in user interface and hardware design from its automotive, avionics and marine segments to develop innovative in-car navigation, telematics and infotainment systems.




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