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Garmin Connect Social Media Update

23 February 2015 @ 8:55 AM  / Garmin Connect / Sports / Fitness Blog /


Last month, we introduced the Garmin Connect Status Page as a better way to inform you in real-time on the status of Garmin Connect and the features the software provides.

As we work to continue to serve you better, today we’re excited to announce that we will be bringing you Gamin Connect information and all the latest on Garmin Fitness and Wellness products through dedicated social media accounts! The Garmin Connect Facebook page and the @GarminConnect Twitter channel will now be known as Garmin Fitness. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive view of all of the Garmin Fitness and Wellness devices you love coupled with the information you desire on Garmin Connect. These changes will be happening soon.

Garmin Connect remains an integral part of the channels and we will still update you on new software updates like we have in the past such as:

In addition to software updates and announcements, we will continue to answer and assist you with any issues you have with Garmin Connect on our Facebook and Twitter pages. In 2015, you can also expect to see more content about topics you care about, share more of your content (make sure and tag us with #Garmin so we can find you!) and provide you with the latest announcements and information for the products we offer.

It’s important to remember that visiting the Garmin Connect Status Page will be the quickest and easiest way for you to learn about the status of all the items in Garmin Connect. Our team works continuously to enhance and improve Garmin Connect, but please contact support if you ever have issues. 

Watch for more information and we look forward to serving you better this year.

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