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SUP through the Amsterdam Canals

19 November 2014 @ 8:45 AM  / Customer Stories / Marine Blog / Outdoor Blog / Sponsored Athletes / The Garmin Story /

Last week we saw Ken surf the river waves in Munich and his European adventure didn’t stop there. After Oktoberfest, Ken and his buddy Ryan grabbed their inflatable Boardworks paddle boards and headed for the canals of Amsterdam. The Canals have been around since the 17th century and they bring a beautiful historical feel to city. Along the canals you can see storybook-esque buildings and in Ken’s words, “It sends you to a different time.”

Ken was lucky to have been in Amsterdam in October, right before the end of SUP season. While he was paddling the canal, he and Ryan were the only ones on the water, making for the ultimate serene experience. While he took in the architecture, he also paddled next to Anne Frank’s house where the historical importance of the city set in.

After paddling the Canals, he and Ryan explored the city and met all the wonderful people that make Amsterdam special. Ken’s comment about Amsterdam was, “It’s truly a place everyone should visit in their lifetime and it’s a city you must see to believe.”

Check out Ken’s Amsterdam experience, all shot on a Garmin VIRB


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