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GTN Tricks, Tips and Shortcuts Series: Part 2

20 November 2014 @ 2:00 PM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

Last week, in the first part of our GTN Tricks, Tips and Shortcuts series, we discussed a handful of shortcuts to get you to the pages and information you need, quickly. This week, we’ll look at one of the more popular functions of in-flight navigation: flight planning!

Flight planning is made easy with the GTN when you take advantage of the graphically edit function. This feature is easily accessible on the moving map page (when you have an active flight plan loaded) by touching and/or swiping your finger across the GTN touchscreen. 

GTN Graphic Edit 1

As seen above, a ‘Graphically Edit FPL’ button populates in the lower left hand corner once you swipe the screen and when selected, the active flight plan line turns from magenta in color to white. Then, you can easily take the white flight plan line and drag it to your airport, NAVAID or intersection of choice. In this case we were flying from KIXD – KCID, but upon departing KIXD, we were cleared direct via KMCI. Dragging the white flight plan line to KMCI and selecting the ‘Done’ button in the lower right hand corner of the GTN will add KMCI to our active flight plan. 

GTN Graphic Edit 2

If you’re used to the functionality of the GNS series, we’ve retained some of that within the GTN but as you could imagine, we’ve made it even better! Easily fly direct or divert to an airport using the GTN series. From the touchscreen, simply tap the desired airport you wish to divert to and select the dedicated ‘Direct-to’ button on the right hand side of the bezel. A ‘Direct-to’ menu populates and gives you the option to select the ‘Direct-to Activate’ button in the lower right corner. This will easily take you to the airport in a matter of seconds!

GTN 750 Direct To

Stay tuned next week for even more tips as we dive even further into the GTN touchscreen series. In the meantime, if you’d like to practice some of these shortcuts yourself, download our free GTN PC Trainer or check out the GTN Trainer in the Apple iTunes store. 

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