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Hike it Baby-and the HIB 30 Challenge

29 October 2014 @ 2:15 PM  / Outdoor Blog /


Hike it Baby: Changing the world one little hike at a time. What is it, you ask? Hike it Baby is a new Mom (and Dad) group focused on getting women outside and active as quickly as possible. 

"We believe that our world would be a better place if all parents stepped outside at least once a week for a walk in nature with their new baby," said Shanti, founder of Hike it Baby. "It’s Hike it Baby’s goal to support you and your family in doing that. We promise to provide a minimum of ONE HIKE PER WEEK throughout the cities we are located in rain or shine and chances are there will be more."


Hike it Baby 30 Challenge

This November, Hike it Baby is doing a special challege--Hike it Baby 30. It's a challenge for babies to get out on the trail for 30 miles during the month of November. The 30 miles can be completed by Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent, nanny or anyone who wants to carry your baby on trail. The goal is for the baby to travel the 30 however that happens.

Want to join the fun? This challenge is for anyone who wants to do it. You can either just do the challenge for yourself, just set the goal of hiking 30 miles (any 30 miles) in November and start posting your pics with the tag #hikeitbaby30 so we can all see what  you are up to!) or you can get “official” with Hike it Baby and join the group online by clicking here!

Still not convinced? Check out the Hike it Baby 30 site, and you can be entered to win some great prizes included a Garmin eTrex!



Hike it Baby is an awesome organization, and is growing quickly. For more information, or how to start your own branch, click here

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