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SoleMate of the Month – Amy Bencomo, GOTR Silicon Valley

20 May 2014 @ 10:30 AM  / Sports / Fitness Blog /

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As a national sponsor of the Girls on the Run SoleMates charity running program, Garmin is partnering with this great organization to further their mission and share the stories of the women and men who are “running for a reason.” Runners can sign up for any event — runs, walks, bike rides or triathlons — and raise funds that will support their chosen council of Girls on the Run. Want your next race to help change lives? Find out more here. In this post Amy Bencomo shares her experiences as a SoleMate and how she has seen the positive impact the organization has on so many young girls!

Becoming a SoleMate was the logical evolution of my involvement with Girls on the Run. I have coached teams with my daughter and without my daughter, am a Team Adelaide member, and have encouraged everyone with a daughter to participate in this outstanding program.

Girls on the Run really does empower our girls. Simple. I’ve seen quiet girls who hid themselves behind long bangs become laughing, confident girls who stand tall and look people in the eye. And the lessons they learn really last a lifetime. A hug or hello from a girl from my first team (all of whom are now in high school) inspires me everyday to be a better mom, wife, caring adult, role model, and friend. I love seeing how these girls thrive with the tools GOTR gave them!

My goal as a SoleMate is to make Girls on the Run accessible to the girls in our community who would benefit the most from Girls on the Run but whose families cannot afford it. These are the girls who never participate on team sports or after-school clubs because of financial or family constrains. They grow up believing these are “extras” for other girls. No one should be excluded from self-empowerment, friendship, healthy habits, and dreaming big!

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My SoleMates race can easily be an analogy for life. It was a mountainous trail run with many ups and downs, a few falls, and a swarm of hornets but I did it! My first half marathon at age 43! Thinking of each girl I coached—and the promise of new girls—literally helped me to pick myself up, dust off and keep running. 

Being a SoleMate has been a positive, energizing experience. The euphoria of running for a cause has inspired me to run a full—FLAT—marathon!

Thank you for the opportunity, 

Amy Bencomo

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