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Custom-Built “Black Ops Edition” V-Rod Features Garmin zūmo

29 May 2014 @ 5:27 PM  / Automotive Blog / Customer Stories /

V rod

Earlier this year, at the DAS 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Atlantic City, we met Brent Khelawan, a bike enthusiast who custom built his own Harley Davidson V-Rod “Black Ops Edition”. Brent sourced his parts from different suppliers all over the world, including Canada, Germany, and Thailand. “My fenders and airbox were painted satin black, using a very special and unique blend, which creates a nice glow in certain light conditions,” said Brent. Other modifications include custom seats, turn signals on the shocks, and a Garmin zūmo for navigation. The result is pretty incredible as you can see from the pictures above and below. “This bike made me fall in love with riding motorcycles all over again,” Brent continued.

To learn more about Brent’s V-Rod, check out his YouTube video.

V rod 2



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