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Motivate the next generation: join SoleMates for Girls on the Run

2 April 2014 @ 7:50 AM  / Girls on the Run / Sports / Fitness Blog /

As a national sponsor of the Girls on the Run SoleMates charity running program, Garmin is partnering with this great organization to further their mission and share the stories of the women and men who are “running for a reason.” Runners can sign up for any event — runs, walks, bike rides or triathlons — and raise funds that will support their chosen council of Girls on the Run. Want your next race to help change lives? Find out more here.

My name is Lauren Yeldell and I’m new to the whole competitive running world. I have a half-marathon under my belt and several 5ks, but this year I'm challenging myself to do more in all aspects of my life (e.g. a few more half-marathons, throwing in some sprint triathlons, and possibly a 50-mile run in October.

Photo-sole-mate-with medal-sm
I've always loved running, but was a bit hesitant to the whole competition aspect. I mean, me, this girl...could I really do this kind of thing? I signed up to be a SoleMates fundraiser for Girls on the Run for the same reason I wake up at 5:00am every morning; I want to help inspire other girls (young and old) to feel stronger physically and emotionally in all facets of their lives.

I've really come to see how important it is for women to empower one another, which for me began when I took control of my own personal journey through running. I love supporting Girls on the Run of Greater Houston (GOTRGH) through SoleMates; I am currently coaching my third season and have met some amazing girls!

A SoleMates athlete seeks to inspire, empower, and help girls find their true spirit and strength through running. It's currently a pretty tough world to grow up in, with constant media and social-media bombardment, which tells girls/women what we "should be and should look like."

I want to send a different message to our young girls — a message that empowers girls to love and accept themselves right now in this moment and one that truly values health and wellness in all aspects of life. I see SoleMates as another way to work toward this goal and think about the example I am setting for young girls every day and through every step of my run!

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