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Garmin Presents New Radar Altimeter and Angle of Attack Indicator at AEA in Nashville!

13 March 2014 @ 2:00 PM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

GI205The Aircraft Electronic Association’s (AEA) National Convention is this week and it wouldn’t be an exciting day full of New Product Introductions without Garmin! This morning, we announced our GI 260 Angle of Attack (AOA) indicator and GRA 55 Radar Altimeter, which is compatible with our GI 205 stand-alone display.

The GI 260 is a safety-enhancing AOA system, which is available for simple installation in general aviation aircraft. As you may have heard by now, AOA indicators have been the topic of conversation lately as the FAA recently just passed flexible requirements regarding their approval in small aircraft. Angle of attack indicators, most notably found on commercial and military aircraft, are now more widely available to general aviation. Unlike lift reserve indicators, the GI 260 offers industry-leading normalized AOA technology, offering superior visual and audible alerts throughout all phases of flight.  

Also showcased today at AEA’s New Product Introductions, the GRA 55 radar altimeter and GI 205 indicator.  For Part 135 operators, the GRA 55 fulfills the radar altimeter equipage requirement recently established by the FAA.  Pilot-selectable decision height (DH) is easy to adjust and upon arrival at the DH, a ‘minimums, minimums’ voice call out or traditional audible tone is available to pilots. When paired with the GI 205 stand-alone indicator, operators are provided with a complete, cost-effective radar altimeter solution, which can easily be incorporated into their flight deck. 

We’re excited to provide pilots with not only safety enhancing technology, but timely solutions which solve requirements established by the FAA in the last several weeks. For additional information regarding the GI 260 AOA indicator or GRA 55 Radar Altimeter and GI 205 stand-alone display, visit a Garmin dealer. 

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