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Photographing Pumas in Chile with Garmin Rinos

29 January 2014 @ 8:24 AM  / Customer Stories / Outdoor Blog /

Puma 2

Ever wonder what it takes to photograph jungle cats in their natural habitat? A lot. Our friends Joe and Mary Ann are wilderness photographers, and have spent the past year travelling all over the world photographing the seven big jungle cat species: lion, tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, leopards, lynx and pumas. 

Puma 1

Their latest trip was to find and photograph the last species on their list, pumas. The husband and wife team headed to Torres de Paine, Chile to get the perfect shot. Packing an array of photography gear, the team also included a few Garmin Rino 650 units with two-way radios. “In the undulating steppes, interrupted by rocky ridgelines or massive outcropping with conglomerate rocks, we were often out of sight of one another,” Joe said. “Had one of us seen a puma, or injured oneself, these radios would have been invaluable.”

Luckily, Joe and Mary Ann made it back to the States safe and sound, with some great images of pumas in their natural habitat. Check out these pictures, or go click here for more info.

Puma 3

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