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New Garmin Smartphone Mounts for the Car

13 November 2013 @ 3:29 PM  / Apps / Automotive Blog /

Android Mount Cropped 2When using a smartphone for navigation in the car, mounting it securely is essential for road safety. Looking down at your phone while driving is distracting and can be dangerous. Our newest smartphone mounts not only feature a stylish, minimalistic design but are also highly functional with new and innovative features for added convenience. 

iPhone 5 Active Mount

This new iPhone 5 mount uses a Lightning™-to-USB charger to power the smartphone in landscape or portrait mode, so you don’t have to plug in the iPhone charging cable every time you start navigating. Another downside of many mounts is that you have to remove your iPhone case every time you use it. Our new iPhone 5 Active Mount solves this problem by conveniently adjusting to fit iPhone cases between 58.6 mm and 76 mm wide and up to 12 mm deep. Learn more here.

Universal Smartphone Mount

Secure your smartphone within easy reach with this universal cradle. The integrated NFC chip automatically starts the NAVIGON app (sold separately) on compatible devices, so you can start navigating right away. The cradle is designed to securely hold phones between 58.6 mm and 76 mm wide and up to 12 mm deep, in landscape or portrait modes. The package includes a micro USB charger with extra USB port. Learn more here.

Air Vent Mount

Both the iPhone 5 Active Mount and the Universal Smartphone Mount are compatible with the Garmin Air Vent Mount. Check out the picture below to see what mounting a smartphone to a car's air vent looks like.



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