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Garmin GLO Enables Multiple Bluetooth Connections

21 November 2013 @ 2:08 PM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

In my flying, I utilize GLO in conjunction with Garmin Pilot, quite frequently. I have flown a number ofGLO1 cross-countries with it, used it while flight instructing, and even used it in my car (yes, with Garmin Pilot – I may be a bit of a GLO-fanatic you could say). I have all the more reason to increase my fan status and maybe even yours, too! The latest GLO software enables several features that many of you (including myself!) have been asking for.

Originally, GLO could provide GPS data to just one device via Bluetooth. With the new update, GLO can now Bluetooth to and provide GPS data to four devices, simultaneously. Whether you’re flying with students or passengers, they may now utilize the same highly accurate GPS and GLONASS receiver right along with you!

A few changes have also been made to the functionality of the power button, as well. Updating GLO’s software will reduce the likelihood of GLO inadvertently turning on if for example, it’s stashed away in your flight bag. If GLO does not make a Bluetooth connection within five minutes of being powered-on, it will automatically turn off and preserve its own battery power. 

With these latest software enhancements, GLO offers pilots better and faster GPS connectivity in the cockpit. Utilizing both GPS and GLONASS satellites, GLO locks onto satellites approximately 20 percent faster compared to stand alone GPS. Even further, pilots can easily access critical information in-flight as it relates to their flight plan on Garmin Pilot.  Can you see why I am a bit of a GLO fan? Join the club! Visit our website to download the latest GLO software for free via WebUpdater



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