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Exciting Announcements for Garmin Marine!

18 November 2013 @ 8:00 AM  / Marine Blog /

17Tomorrow at METS, the world's biggest marine tradeshow located in Amsterdam, we're very excited to introduce an entire array of new Garmin marine products!  From our new down and side scanning sonar technology and multiple new series of products that feature these capabilities to brand new radars, streamlined wind sensors, a marine-specific mobile app and an in-boat audio system.  With so many new announcements, we know you’ll be excited to experience the difference with Garmin marine.

This week, we’ll be highlighting some of our new products from METS and you can read about them all on our website by clicking here!

Here’s a brief overview of the announcements:

SideVü and DownVü

We’re very excited to introduce our new down-scanning and side-scanning sonar technology. With this announcement, we will be offering a brand new line of standalone echo fishfinders and echoMAP combination units with built-in DownVü capability.  A software update that allows any new GPSMAP 500 and 700 xs series units to be DownVü compatible will be released in addition to these units.  We will also be offering the GCV 10, our SideVü and DownVü sonar black box with CHIRP scanning technology.  The GCV 10 will provide a near-picture quality image and is compatible with the echoMAP 70 series, GPSMAP 700, 800 and 1000 series.

GPSMAP 800 and 1000 Series

GPSMAP1040xs_HR_506.3This new series of 8 and 10-inch keyed combination 
chartplotters have built-in 1kW traditional sonar capability, built-in CHIRP and DownVü and supports the GCV 10 for SideVü with CHIRP.  Networking and radar capabilities complement existing GPSMAP 500 and 700 series units nicely.  

GMR 18/24 xHD

The GMR 18 xHD and 24 xHD are next-generation, 4kW HD radomes.  These new radars have a max speed of 48 rpm and auto adjustment.  Dynamic Auto Gain and Dynamic Sea Filter continuously adjust to conditions and surroundings for optimal performance.  They have a range of 48 nautical miles and offer vibrant 8-bit color for greater detail of weather patterns or obstructions.

LakeVü HD Ultra w/ MaxDef

Not only are we significantly expanding the coverage for our LakeVu database to 5,700 HD lakes with 1-foot contours shore-to-shore, we’re adding MaxDef lakes as well.  MaxDef incorporates Garmin’s own surveying efforts and gives far more accurate detail for 40 of the top fishing lakes in the US than the leading recreational fishing cartography available.  This is really going to provide that valuable insight as to where those fishing hotspots are going to be located.

Garmin Helm

Garmin Helm is a free mobile application that allows boaters to view and control multi-function chartplotters from the convenience of their iPhone or iPad.  Full access is granted for all MFD menus, screens and features while away from the helm.  Garmin Helm will initially be compatible with the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm Series but will support additional GPSMAP chartplotters in the near future.

Garmin Meteor 300

Meteor 300 is a fully integrated, in-boat audio system that works seamlessly into Garmin chartplotters.  With Bluetooth streaming and control, the boater can move around while maintaining a connection to Meteor 300.  Meteor 300 is compatible with iOS and Android devices.  At launch, Meteor 300 will be work with the new GPSMAP 500 and 700 series and GPSMAP 6000 and 7000 series MFD units with future expansion to other Garmin chartplotters.

gWind Series

010-01227-00_HR_001The gWind Series provides offers more accurate wind data by utilizing the superior twin fin design that Nexus owners know and love.  gWind is a wired version of the transducer; gWind Wireless is a wireless transducer that requires no cables run up the mast; and gWind Race, for competitive sailors that includes a 3’ pole for reduced obstruction and turbulence.  The GND 10 that comes included is a black box that bridges critical NMEA 2000 data and the Nexus Network, allowing Garmin chartplotters and Nexus sail equipment to communicate. 

Be sure to come back for more details about these exciting announcments or visit our website at 

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