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NBAA Day 3: Garmin Announces New Global Connectivity Services!

24 October 2013 @ 9:00 AM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

Garmin continues to offer new announcements right through to the last day of NBAA! What do we have up our sleeve now? New worldwide weather pricing and position reporting services, which offer Garmin customers the latest in global connectivity!

Our latest set of worldwide weather pricing plans offer customers flexible and predictable monthly fees based on their flying needs. Whether pilots fly often or just enough to make regular weather requests, two different plans are available for customers to choose from that are simple and easy-to-understand!

Position reporting will offer pilots the chance to send their position information while in-flight. Pilots may choose how frequently their position information is sent from their avionics, which can be displayed by a provider such as Whether it’s for business or personal reasons, those who need to know your in-flight location can do so with Garmin!

To take advantage of either of these global connectivity services, customers need a GSR 56 and a compatible display. (In some cases, a GDL 59 may be required) We’re excited to offer our customers the latest in avionics technology and have no doubt, the new worldwide weather pricing packages and position reporting services add to not only your situational awareness in the cockpit, but also offer an increased level of safety! 

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