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NBAA Day 1: TAWS-A Mandate In Canada Next Year? No Problem With The Latest GTN Software From Garmin!

22 October 2013 @ 9:00 AM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

Day 1 of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) conference has brought a lot of excitement so far… and we’re only on Day 1! Garmin has certainly brought some exciting announcements and one of them: GTN software version 5.0. The latest version of software for our GTN touchscreen avionics has a number of safety-related enhancements and customer-requested features that we know you’ll love!

Looking to meet the Class TAWS-A mandate in Canada by July? Garmin has you covered! TAWS-A offers additional alerting capabilities such as excessive descent rate, notification of large glide slope deviations, and the potential for terrain impact when the aircraft is not in landing configuration. So whether you’re looking to meet the mandate in Canada or looking for an extra level of protection, our GTN series will have you covered.

This latest software update also incorporates an open industry protocol, which enables ADS-B information to be sent from the GTN to a compatible, third-party transponder. Our commitment to offer open architecture attributes continues and we certainly look forward to offering more interface options among our entire product line. 

Missing your ‘Switch Fuel Tanks’ message on the GTN? As you may have guessed, with software version 5.0 the scheduler is now available on the GTN series! The option to set up scheduled reminders in a date and time reference, countdown timer, or periodic timer, are conveniently available to assist pilots with recurring or routine operations. Version 5.0 for the GTN series has received TSO approval and is available today from any Garmin authorized dealer.

Don’t forget to come visit Garmin in booth #C9843 if you’re at NBAA this week and stay tuned for some more exciting announcements from Garmin (and Lucy!) later this week! 

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