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Garmin Helps Power Squadrons Keep Everyone Safe on the Water

13 August 2013 @ 8:00 AM  / Customer Stories / Marine Blog /


Recently, our friend Bob Mueller was able to utilize his GPSMAP 741xs in a very demanding situation.  Bob is not only a contributor for GPS Tracklog but he is also an active member of the United States Power Squadrons.  He serves as an ABC3 instructor, a Vessel Safety Examiner and a Squadron Emergency Response Assistance Team Leader (SERAT).  The following is a recap in which Bob used our GPSMAP 741xs in an urgent situation.

SEARAT logo BobTrace
I am the Squadron Emergency Response Assistance Team Leader for Berea Power Squadron, a unit of the United States Power Squadrons.  That means that I volunteer to help government agencies (USCG, et al) with Search and Rescue and other missions on Lake Erie.  Last weekend, I heard a mayday call come over the VHF radio from a 47' Beneteau Sailboat that was in distress.  A thru-hull fitting had failed and they were taking on water fast.  They gave their Lat/Lon over the radio. It was a piece of cake to enter the Lat/Lon on the touch screen of the GPSMAP 741xs.  I can see where the touch screen would make me faster to respond, and probably reduce error when entering waypoints in a hurried situation such as that. 

I was not the closest asset to the sinking boat, so I did not respond to assist.  ODNR had an asset that was much closer than I was, so they responded.  The 741xs indicated my distance to the distressed vessel, which allowed me to know that I was not the nearest.

Although this situation didn't warrant any further action, we are proud to be part of such a worthwhile cause.  Thanks to Bob, the United States Power Squadrons and any other organizations that put the safety and well-being of others before their own.  

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