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Team Papotanic Wins Inaugural Texas Center Console Shootout!

6 August 2013 @ 9:00 AM  / Fishing Tournaments / Marine Blog /

TEXAS-CC-shootoutIt turned out to be a very close finish but our Team Papotanic came away with the win at the inaugural Texas Center Console Shootout presented by Pelagic.  The tournament took place from July 25-27 in Surfside Beach, Texas, and was only open to center console teams.  With a winning margin of only 5 aggregate points, Captain Bill Platt and the team took home the spoils of a great inaugural event. 

Mother Nature proved to make conditions worse for all teams involved by bringing in high winds and very rough sea conditions on the final day of the tournament.  Team Papotanic had nearly 600 gallons of fuel, including two 55-gallon drums (as seen below), ensuring they would not be stranded deep in the gulf when conditions got bad.

TP2Each of the gamefish divisions counted towards determining the winner of the tournament.  The heaviest two fish from each species went towards the team's final score.  The team with the highest two-day point total would be crowned Shootout Champion.  

Congratulations to Team Papotanic for their 1st Place Tuna, weighing in at 50 lbs., and for keeping on their current hot streak of wins this season.  If you'd like to keep up with Team Papotanic, check out Captain Bill Platt's website.  For more information about the Shootout, visit Pelagic's Facebook page or Surfside Marina's


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