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Introducing Don Bowie: Professional Alpinist

13 August 2013 @ 2:55 PM  / Customer Stories / Outdoor Blog / Sponsored Athletes / Sports / Fitness Blog /



Over the past 18 years, alpinist Don Bowie’s passion for the outdoors has taken him to some of the most remote corners of the Earth. Having conquered peaks in Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, and South America (only to name a few), Bowie loves remoteness and adventure, thriving on long approaches, unclimbed routes and difficult objectives on Earth’s highest mountain ranges.


Bowie has used Garmin devices for his mountain biking and climbing adventures, like in this video where he set the record for the lowest solo climb of Mt. Whitney—which he plans to beat next month. 




In addition to a being an established alpinist, Don Bowie is an avid writer, photographer, filmmaker, lecturer, cyclist, trail-runner, and backcountry skier. Be sure to check back here or visit to keep up on his upcoming adventures!



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