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GTN Shortcuts for a Long Weekend!

29 August 2013 @ 4:00 PM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

Back in my days as a pre-solo student pilot, I can remember looking at the GNS 430W in the Cessna 172 I was flying and thinking (and even memorizing):

“Direct-to, Enter, Enter”

Aside from the airport identifier, this was all I needed to know to successfully complete any flight with this, (what I thought to be) complex piece of equipment. Navigate away from the moving map page and all was lost! In a panic, I would twist and push knobs/buttons; convinced the moving map page disappeared for good. Ok, not really but needless to say I let it intimidate me.

Fast-forward several years and the capability of our avionics practically skyrocketed overnight. From the GNS series to the G1000 to the GTN; we’ve all felt “lost” (pun intended) a time or two while flying with this equipment. 

But as you could guess, Lucy is here to help!       

Shortcuts are often helpful in stressful situations and of course, in everyday applications. Below are a few specific to the GTN 650 and 750 series that many of you GTN customers might find helpful:

  • On the GTN 750 navigate between the moving map page and the flight plan page with ease. From the moving map page, simply touch the CDI/Flight Plan Bar at the bottom of the screen to access the flight plan page; to switch back to the map, simply touch the ‘Back’ button



  • On the GTN 750, press and hold the dedicated ‘Home’ soft key to access the moving map page at any time, from any page
  • On the 650, from the default navigation page, note the ‘Map’ button on the lower right corner of the screen – touch this button to conveniently toggle between the default navigation page and map page


  • Again from the default navigation page on the GTN 650, press and hold the flight plan bar to access the flight plan page with ease 
  • Utilize the ‘Find’ button more frequently! When entering an airport identifier in the ‘Waypoint Identifier’ page on the GTN series, in the upper left hand corner select “Find” to easily call up the following airports: Recent, Nearest, Flight Plan, and even User Waypoints 


These are just a few of many shortcuts to help you navigate the skies even easier, with Garmin!

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