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Peg’s Posts: Making Movie Magic in the Mountains

5 July 2013 @ 7:00 AM  / Peg's Posts / Sports / Fitness Blog /

As Team Garmin-Sharp cyclists wind their way across the French countryside at the centennial Tour de France, we’re following the race updates and pouring over their detailed ride stats in Garmin Connect. And while we won’t be sending our own video team overseas to record the action, we did have a chance to capture some pristine scenes recently in the Rockies. Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots from our Rockies roadside tour. The above photo is our "it's a wrap" photo of cast and most of the crew.

The day before our cameras rolled, our small crew did some additional location scouting, aided by tips from local riders and bike shop owners in the Keystone and Breckenridge areas of Colorado. Hoosier Pass turned out to be our sweet spot, providing plenty of switchbacks, long climbs and epic views. Kristin, our producer, worked diligently with county officials to secure locations and set up traffic control to ensure the safety of cast and crew.

Our cycling pro, Jason, was equipped with a Cervelo R5, a beautiful ride with a light yet stiff frame built for climbing. His R5 was topped off with the new connected Edge 810 cycling computer featuring mapping, live tracking, automatic uploads and a slick touchscreen interface.

Now, to put talent and gear in motion against the perfect backdrop, adjusting for sunlight, speed and other factors. Our crew guys live for this sort of challenge. Garmin director Scott simply described the shot he desired and crew members Seth and Andrew went to work, pulling props from their van and rigging vehicles in a matter of minutes. Assistant camera guy Roger was the director's right hand man, covering lens changes, filters and other needs.

OTS shot-sm

Over-the-shoulder shots showing the Edge at work required a unique setup with director perched atop the crew van, positioned in the negative space between ladder rungs. At one point, Scott became a live hood ornament, secured with a series of bungee ropes, c-stands rigged beneath the truck for foot rests.    

Aerial team
The crew members having the most fun of all were the “aerials,” Soren and James. Their camera-rigged hexicopter captured some amazing aerial footage of our cyclist’s effort. They also drew much attention and stares from passing tourists, hikers and cyclists as they were getting set up at the summit.

After two full days of shooting, we squeezed off one final scene just before the sun dropped over the mountain peaks. Jason finished his final climb and as he descended, the prime light had passed, signaling the end of our shoot and the beginning of a well-earned break for crew and talent.

If your summer travel includes a trip to the Rockies, the coast, or another locale best explored on two wheels, check out the Edge 510|810 (510 now available in a special Team Garmin argyle addition) with live tracking and social sharing. The perfect setup to let your friends and fans back home follow from afar.



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