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Peg’s prodigy recaps his 5k race at the Garmin Marathon

27 April 2013 @ 7:00 AM  / Peg's Posts / Sponsored Athletes / Sports / Fitness Blog /

D + ScottFor Bring Your Child to Work Day, Peg's 11-year-old son had a chance to see what’s it like on the inside of the Garmin marketing communciations and blog team. He shared some thoughts from last Saturday’s Garmin Marathon, where he ran the 5k to knock out a 7:31 min/mile average pace, placing 3rd in the 18 & under group. Well done, son.

Peg: What kind of training did you do for this race?
D: Well, I'm in baseball now, so I really only ran two training runs. The first one was…um, how many miles? Let’s just look in my history [checks his Forerunner 10]. We ran 2.14 miles in 19:39. And then I ran 3.01 miles in 26:25.

Peg: What was your goal pace for this race?
D: On race day, I had my Virtual Pacer set for an 8:45 pace. I only got behind it for a couple of times during the race, but it wasn’t for very long, and then I was back, either on pace or ahead. I was behind mostly at the start because there was quite a bit of people, so I had to make my way in between them.

Peg: So what was your race strategy?
D: I would pick out one person who was a pretty good distance ahead of me and I thought “okay, I’m gonna go up and pass that person” and that’s pretty much what I did the whole race.

Peg: How did you feel when you saw the finish line?
D: I just felt like I had to finish the race, but I didn’t get as good of a kick as I wanted. I could hear you cheering for me at the finish line.

Mac and cheesePeg: What did you do after you finished?
D: I got a water bottle and I started to untie my chip, then someone came with cutters and just pulled it off. And then I went and got a banana and some Shatto chocolate milk and my legs started coming back to life. Then I went and picked up my race results, which showed I was 3rd in my age group. Ultramax (the company that did the timing) is good because they print out results really fast. Then I went over and got some awesome macaroni and cheese from Noodles & Company. I went back again…and again. I had 3.25 bowls of that stuff. And 3 shots of Shatto.[PS: and look what was for lunch the day D visited Garmin headquarters--bacon mac & cheese! Our head chef must know us well.]

Peg: You were feeling pretty good by then, right?
D: Yeah, I didn't want to leave. So then I hung around the finish line and cheered on the runners and handed out thunder stix to the crowd so they could make some noise. Jake was on the microphone saying all the runners' names as they crossed. I thought he had to be getting thirsty and hungry, so I brought him some water and macaroni & cheese.

Tin man D and DesiPeg: And you got an award, right?
D: Yes, I got an award for being third in my age group. It was a cool Tin Man bobble head. Then I got to meet some of the pros at the race, like Desi Davila, who made the Olympic team for the marathon. I showed her my new Brooks beanie because she runs on the Brooks-Hansons team. I also met Scott Jurek. I'd never seen him before, but my mom told me about all the races he has won. I think it's kinda crazy he can run all those miles as a vegan. No cheeseburgers? No mac & cheese? That would be tough. He just seemed like a regular guy though and he told me good job on my race and he signed my award.

Gm-4Peg: What were some of the best costumes you saw?
D: One lady was dressed as a yellow brick road and then there was a lady dressed as a “wicked fast witch” and she was the masters winner in the half marathon.

Peg: Will you do this race again?
D: Probably so. Plus I want to do the Susan G Komen 5k because my 5th grade teacher had breast cancer. I also want to do a kids triathlon because I like swimming and biking.


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