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Introducing the GMI 20 and GHC 20, More Vibrant and Easier to Use Marine Instrumentation

23 April 2013 @ 6:00 AM  / Marine Blog /

GMI GHC 20 whiteToday, we're proud to announce the GMI 20 and GHC 20, our premier instrumentation that bridges both the powerboat and sail instrument lineup.  Boasting a new interface that’s easier to use than ever before, the GMI 20 and GHC 20 prove to be vital components in any helm.  

The GMI 20 has a bonded 4-inch color screen that displays depth, speed, wind, engine information and over 100 marine and vessel-specific parameters based off of whatever your preference is.  The GMI 20 is designed to fulfill the purpose of the GMI 10 while further expanding functionality by providing more information in a larger and brighter format. 

GHC20_HR_0009.1The GHC 20 also has a bonded 4-inch color screen that is designed to display and provide control of autopilot functions.  Also with a larger and brighter display, the GHC 20 is compatible with legacy Garmin autopilots while also being compatible with newer autopilot systems that we offer.  The GHC 20 can also be operated wirelessly with an autopilot remote and quatix, our marine watch.  New autopilot corepacks, such as the GHP 10, GHP 12 and GHP 20, will have the GHC 20 included. 

With an updated user interface, both the GMI and GHC 20 provide menus and gauges that match our new GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm Series.  While more user friendly and a more intuitive layout, the GMI and GHC 20 have the ability to be flush or flat-mounted, preserving the glass helm appearance that the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm Series provides.       

GMI20_HR_0005.6With a choice of red/black, green/black or the normal nightmode color scheme, the GMI and GHC 20 have LED backlighting that gives the ability to display information much dimmer than the previous GMI and GHC models could.  Daylight readability has also been enhanced.  With a higher contrast color scheme and wider viewing angle, the GMI and GHC 20 provide for better clarity and visibility in any sunlight.  Also, the glass-bonded display of the GMI and GHC 20 ensures that no condensation forms within the unit.  

A new feature introduced on the GMI 20 is auto-scroll.  With auto-scroll, you can designate how quickly the pages cycle without any intervention.  The layout can be customized to scroll at different time intervals, thus allowing the freedom to install the unit in a greater variety of places and easily access the information from longer distances.  This grants you the ability to utilize one instrument for multiple uses.

The GMI 20 and GHC 20 are scheduled to be available in the second quarter of 2013.  For additional information regarding the GMI 20 and GHC 20, visit

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