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Hunter's Astro Survives After More Than a Year in the Field

26 April 2013 @ 4:00 PM  / Customer Stories / Outdoor Blog /


D Bar b Garmin AlleyChris, a hunter from Oklahoma, thought he was out of luck when he lost his Astro handheld mid-hunt in December of 2011. Birds flew, shots were fired, and they went to retrieve several times that day, but in the action, the Astro handheld escaped his shirt pocket…and it was too late before he realized the device was gone.

 Chris was able to find his dogs, but said, “Needle in a haystack finding that ole grey handheld. I knew I’d find it one day, but probably cut in half by a tractor disk!” The season came and went without coming across the Astro, so Chris decided to upgrade to the new Alpha for the next season.

Rain and snow hit the area for more than a year, and it wasn’t until after a prescribed burn on the area that he thought he finally came across the weathered, semi-melted handheld. “The first thought in looking at it was TOAST, both literally and functionally.” Chris said.

IMG_1836 IMG_1837There were signs of water, rust and a little melting, so Chris set the device out to dry. “The screen did dry out, so what would any red blooded American do? Put batteries back in of course. Much to our amazement, the rascal fired right back up!”

Check out these photos. Chris’ Astro withstood extreme elements, and now his new Alpha, with its bright orange color, can be easily found in the field. 





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