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Jake's Journal: Ready for the next ride

15 March 2013 @ 3:05 PM  / Jake's Journal / Sports / Fitness Blog /

060311_FIT_9020 _DSC0271With the sun shining down and melting the last of the snow, it's hard to stay focused at my desk. My mind is racing. Well, maybe not racing, but pedaling as fast as possible toward the open roads I can see from the office window. And even though my bike is back at home, hanging in my garage, I can hear the gears shifting as I pick up speed after the first couple miles. Fresh from hibernation, my helmet, kit and shoes are already feeling as comfortable as my last pre-winter ride. Halfway through, and my heart rate wants to spike, but my hands don't want to brake. And as soon as I'm completely spent, exhausted and elated, I'll want to do it all again.

Even still sitting at my keyboard, I know that that's how I'll feel - how I always feel - on my first ride since my last ride. Ready for the next ride.

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