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Garmin GLO™ Lets You Navigate with Your iPad® mini Wi-Fi

8 February 2013 @ 4:49 PM  / Apple-Mac / Apps / Automotive Blog / Mobile Blog /

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One of the things that were popular with the crowd at Macworld/iWorld in San Francisco last week was our Garmin GLO GPS receiver. Both the iPad mini Wi-Fi and iPod Touch don't have a GPS receiver built in, so by pairing these devices with Garmin GLO via Bluetooth you'll be able to add this functionality. Just download our Garmin NAVIGON navigation app and you have a fully functional navigation system. 

Garmin GLO

GLO is the first wireless GPS receiver with the ability to receive signals from both the United States’ GPS satellite network and Russia’s GLONASS satellite network. GLONASS provides access to 24 additional satellites than using GPS alone. This is particularly helpful for users who need reliable satellite navigation in challenging environments such as deep canyons or urban environments where a large portion of the sky is blocked by solid objects.

The great thing about the Garmin NAVIGON app is that it is optimized to run natively on the iPad, making use of the larger display and the user interface of the device. You can check out the picture above to see what the navigation screen looks like on the iPad mini. The app provides premium turn-by-turn navigation including onboard maps, lane guidance, speed limit warnings, real-time traffic and public transit routing, among many others.

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