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Jake's Journal: Follow the fun at Miami Boat Show

13 February 2013 @ 5:22 PM  / Jake's Journal / Marine Blog /

Gallery-large1 BridgesToday was a good day. After all, no one would believe me if I complained about a workday in which I meandered around a Miami marina checking out Garmin electronics and was winding through the waves on a sleek Sea Hunter outfitted with our latest products. And one of those new products - the quatix marine watch - was getting rave reviews during our rides.

Quatix collage MarinaAlready a stylish watch, the quatix combines advanced sail racing tools for unparalleled awareness and a competitive edge during competition. And though we weren't sail racing, it was easy to appreciate the intuitive interface and the integration with our marine network. For example, with quatix paired with GHP 10, we were able to perform a U-turn along with all other pattern steering features. Yep, our watch told our boat what to do, and the boat listened. Needless to say, everyone liked what they saw. And there are definitely worse places to hold a meeting!

To follow along with everything that we're doing and announcing here at Miami Boat Show, follow us on Twitter (@Garmin), on Facebook ( on Instagram (garmin_pics) and Pinterest (garmingps), and of course, stay tuned here on the blog. Just think of each pic and update as a personal postcard from Miami!

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