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Access the Most Crucial Marine Information from Your Wrist with quatix

17 January 2013 @ 6:00 AM  / Marine Blog /

Market banner 2Today, we're proud to introduce quatix, our first marine-oriented GPS watch designed for avid mariners, both power and sail.  Quatix combines the most pivotal marine features and provides comprehensive navigation and sailing capabilities while integrating our industry-leading GPS technology and user-friendly interface.

As an ABC watch (altimeter, barometer and 3-axis compass), quatix also provides pivotal marine datum such as COG (course over ground), SOG (speed over ground), and VMG (velocity made good), along with alerts for speed and anchor drag.

Quatix also equips you with advanced sail racing tools, allowing the user to set up a virtual starting line between two GPS waypoints then combining the built-in timer to calculate distance to the line as well as desired speed and burn time.  This enables you to cross the starting line at maximum speed at the exact starting time, providing a competitive edge.  It will then switch to tack-assist mode and provide you the optimal tack angle and give you a more efficient and controlled sailing experience.

We're also concerned for about your safety at sea, so quatix has an integrated MOB (man overboard) feature that triggers a MOB alarm on your Garmin chartplotter if the wearer falls overboard.  If the boat is equipped with one of our autopilot systems, the chartplotter will then engage and navigate back to your last known position.

On the subject of autopilots, quatix can connect wirelessly directly to the GHC-10 head unit and allows you to steer the boat.  No matter where you are on the boat, keep control of the helm.

Quatix is waterproof up to 50m and has a battery life of 6 weeks in watch mode and 16 hours in GPS mode.  Also included are alarms, chimes, various vibration alerts, timing functions, stopwatch and a world/time zone clock.  Quatix is scheduled to be available in Q1 of 2013.

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