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Jake's Journal: Different stats for different rides

18 January 2013 @ 3:37 PM  / Jake's Journal / Sports / Fitness Blog /

Jake Peg MS12All rides are not created equal. When I'm commuting to work on the Indian Creek Trail, I'm riding for a different reason than when I'm training on the weekends or participating in Bike MS. And when I think about the stats obsessed over by my friends who race - and how everyone focuses on different goals and data - it's amazing to have one bike computer that can satisfy all of those different needs. And as a new feature, our latest Garmin Edge devices are smart enough to remember all of those settings and scenarios.

Unveiled earlier this month at CES, the new Edge 810 and Edge 510 introduce Activity Profiles to display and store the specific data you need for any ride. Edges have long had Bike Profiles for folks who have road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, etc., but the new Activity Profiles recognize that we often use the same bike for multiple reasons. And with this new feature, we can spend more time on the road rather than shuffling screens and reconstructing the ideal setup. Check out this brief video for a quick tutorial on setting up Activity Profiles, and click these links to learn more about the new Edges' connected features and how to get the most out of Garmin Connect. Have a great weekend, and hope you get out on your bike - for whatever reason!

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