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Peg’s Posts: Fresh look for Forerunner 610

9 November 2012 @ 8:47 AM  / Peg's Posts / Sports / Fitness Blog /

610 Forerunner610_special_side-smFor nearly a year and a half, I’ve been fast friends with my touchscreen Forerunner 610. It has minded my miles through training for and racing two half marathons, a 20-mile trail race, and several shorter races in between. It has also been on-hand to log some of my cycling miles since it has a bike mode and talks to my cadence sensor and heart rate monitor, just like my Edge does. With all the ground we’ve covered together, I couldn’t imagine loving another Forerunner quite the same. That is, until another caught my eye — the new special-edition 610 with stone white band and some sweet teal and green accents. This model has all the features of the orignal Forerunner 610, just with a fresh new look. While I’m no fitness fashionista (never worn a running skirt and I could care less what color my latest pair of shoes are, as long as my feet are happy), I have to say, the special-edition Forerunner 610 is just my style. Not that I try to be matchy-matchy with my running attire, but see how it looks right at home with my favorite running shirt!

Here are a few more reasons why the 610 is the watch for me.

1. Touchscreen: I love being able to tap, swipe or scroll to access my data and change pages or settings.

GC workouts 2. Advanced workouts: the 610 is one of a few watches in the Forerunner family with this special perk. This feature lets you create a workout with multiple steps and goals based on distance, time, pace, heart rate or cadence. As you do the workout, the 610 will guide you through each workout step and alert you with vibration and audible alerts when you need to speed up, slow down or when you’re right in the sweet spot. You can create advanced workouts on the watch or in Garmin Connect (super easy to do in Connect) and then send to your watch. Right now, this feature has saved my bacon in training for my next half — which happens to be tomorrow. I’m hoping to match or beat my current half marathon PR, on a course that’s slightly hillacious, so being diligent with my speedwork was a must. Here's how one of those workouts looks in Garmin Connect.

3. Wireless: a seemingly small detail, but I love that I don’t have to plug in my 610 to transfer data to Garmin Connect. When the watch is in range of my computer (Mac or PC), the USB ANT Stick grabs the data from my watch and sends it to Connect. Then I can hit the Connect site on my own time and obsess over the details of my run. Same deal when I want to send a workout or course to my watch — set it up in Connect, click “send to device” and it’s there.

Hear what world-class marathoner and silver medalist Meb Keflezighi says about the Forerunner 610.

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