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Jake's Journal: Saying thanks and sharing stories with #lovemygarmin

12 November 2012 @ 6:06 PM  / Customer Stories / Jake's Journal /

Wish-List-WednesdayI've known my sister my whole life, and I never knew she had the ability to shriek at that volume or pitch. Yet there I was, worried for all of the glassware in her house when she unwrapped her Christmas present a couple years ago. A busy mom of two great teens with sports and school schedules defying the laws of physics, the only thing on her wish list is more time. And the time that she has, she wants to use as efficiently as possible. So we bought her a nuvi.

It was a pretty basic model, but you would've thought I handed her the keys to a time machine. Her nuvi meant less time studying maps and printing out directions, and more time around the dinner table. It meant she need not worry about being late to a game or concert. And weekends became less stressful with clear directions from Ballpark A to Schoolyard B to Stadium C and all of the potential lunch stops in between.

She told me shortly after - and it's something I hear often from friends at trade shows and customers on Twitter - "I LOVE my Garmin!" Then I saw it pop up as a hashtag on Twitter - #lovemygarmin - and strangers' stories were being sewn together. So it's in that spirit of giving, sharing and thanking, that we'll celebrate your stories this holiday season and beyond through the #lovemygarmin hashtag. And for more reasons to celebrate, watch for details this week as our friends at are even doing a #lovemygarmin giveaway to fuel the fun. Shrieking is optional.

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