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Jake's Journal: Embrace the social side of training

30 November 2012 @ 3:12 PM  / Garmin Connect / Jake's Journal / Sports / Fitness Blog /

060311_FIT_9020 011711_FIT_1018Raise your hand if you're falling victim to the winter blahs in your training. OK, maybe I'm the only one with my arm in the air, but I seem to have this end-of-the-year funk where I find it hard to ramp up for cold-weather training. Normally, I'm just wrapping up my typical recovery period after a marathon where I don't do much and don't really sweat it. Except that when New York City canceled its marathon, I lost all justification for lounging around for the next couple weeks (yet still did). Many of my fellow runners found other marathons to do or creative ways to get in their miles. Heck, one of my friends did both - running 26.2 miles in Central Park one weekend and the Santa Barbara marathon the next. Somehow I feel like she balanced out my lethargy. But after a great planning meeting this week with Bike MS organizers (and with yet another birthday on the horizon), I'm motivated to get out there and hit the road.

Whether running or riding, I'll get back in gear - and the best part is I'll have company. Either with a friend by my side, my virtual partner on my wrist or someone following along through Facebook, Twitter or Garmin Connect's new social features, I'm rarely alone in my training. And this Team Garmin video shows why some of the fastest pro cyclists in the world agree - we should all embrace the social side of training! Have a great weekend, and be sure to thank your training partners for keeping you active and honest!

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