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Lucy's Logbook: SafeTaxi database now includes Canadian airports

17 October 2012 @ 9:10 AM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

Canada Cf-mdGarmin is expanding its database family! Regardless of whether it’s a portable aera 550 or you find yourself flying behind a G1000 frequently, the opportunity to purchase and download our SafeTaxi database for applicable airports in Canada is now available.

Not familiar with SafeTaxi? When you land at your destination airport, the airport diagram automatically comes up on your display, allowing you to easily navigate large, unfamiliar airports. Taking it one step further, every SafeTaxi diagram is geo-referenced so you can see your aircraft overlaid on the taxiway and runway as you taxi across the airport surface. In addition to being geo-referenced, SafeTaxi clearly labels runway and taxiway identifiers, as well as airport “hot spots” which define an area that has a history or potential for airport surface incidents.

Shutterstock_66290392Currently available for 266 airports across Canada, the ability to purchase a one-time update for $49.95 or an annual subscription for $195 is now available on flyGarmin. The option to purchase a full North America database, which includes both the United States and Canada is also available for $59.95 for a single update or $225 for an annual subscription. For a full list of airports which include SafeTaxi in both Canada and the United States, click here.

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